Installation instructions - manual installation of jaszczur's extensions

  1. Download and uncompress ZIP archive containing the extensions
  2. Find your Inkscape shared files directory, try one of the following: Windows XP: C:\Program files\Inkscape\share; Windows 7 or Vista: C:\Program files (x86)\Inkscape\share; or have your system find inkscape.exe. In case of Linux this should be almost always /usr/share/inkscape.
  3. Copy the contents of extensions/ subdirectory of this archive into the share/extensions/ subdirectory of your Inkscape installation (the destination directory should already exist and contain a bunch of INX and PY files). Copy keys/default.xml from this archive into share/keys/ subdirectory of your Inkscape installation directory, overwriting the file present there under that name.
  4. Copy the contents of templates/ subdirectory of this archive into the share/templates/ subdirectory of your Inkscape installation. Do the same for symbols/
  5. Find your system fonts directory. In Windows, Start / Control Panel / Fonts is worth a try. In Linux, try /usr/share/fonts
  6. Copy the font/SpeleoUIS.ttf file from the ZIP archive into that directory. Under Windows, you may need to restart your system. (in case the font cannot be selected). Under Linux, you may need to re-generate your font cache (sudo fc-cache)