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Inkscape extensions to facilitate drawing cave maps

Available for download here (Inkscape 0.91 32-bit Windows installer w/all extensions included). See here for some tutorials and here for the source code.

I consider Inkscape 0.92 unstable and recommend using 0.91 for the time being. However, if you are of the adventurous: 0.92 Windows Installer w/caveink | files for manual (aka geek) install

Surveying-related utilities (as web services)

Source code

The above utilities also work as standalone PHP scripts (in command-line mode). The source code is available for download here. To run them locally, you need: Linux, command-line PHP, gdal and no fear of the Linux command-line.

Potoco (PocketTopo Converter)

A utility to convert PocketTopo data into Survex/Walls. Available as standalone Windows Executable or Python source code. Warning: the program requires a Therion Export from PocketTopo on the input side (ie. File / Export / Therion...).


dxtool is a very minimalistic implementation of the DistoX communications
protocol, as described in "DistoX Advanced Information" (2010/12/12). It 
runs as a Linux command line application. 

Originally, the utility was created to re-download already downloaded
measurements. Since the DistoX uses a circular buffer to store measurements,
it is possible to recover last 4095 measurements, even if they have already
been downloaded to PDA.

Another possible use of the software is QUICKLY downloading LOTS of
unneccessary measurements from a DistoX that has been used with a paper

Download dxtool v 0.1 from 2013-09-29.

Alpenvereins Digital Extractor

This small utility is intended for extracting maps out of the Alpenvereins Digital mapping application as Netpbm (PPM) files. You will need a legal copy of the Alpenvereins Digital and a Linux system running on the i386 architecture.

A stripped static ELF binary is provided in the archive together with its source code. Should the binary not work, you may try to recompile it. It depends only on the JPEG library (libjpeg.so).

Download av-extract-20130201.

Other stuff

Sino-polish-english dictionary of caving terms: download.

By: Mateusz Golicz. Contact: name.surname@pza.org.pl